What Actually Helped Clear My Acne

I am by no means a skincare expert, dermatologist, aesthetician. Just your average, hopeful who wanted her acne to clear up after high school but to this day it lingers. I have inflamed acne, with blackheads and whiteheads sprinkled about. 

I had seen a dermatologist from the time I hit puberty, two actually, who all gave me fast acting treatments that never worked. At one point I was one a prescription face wash (yes you read that right). My aesthetician was amazing and what we tried worked for a while but slowly stopped working. But, even though my skin is not clear yet, it’s getting there. 

Giving Up

It sounds kind of depressing but this is actually how it got started. I gave up. I was fed up with my skin not clearing up despite what I tried. So I stopped cleaning my skin. After a week, my skin was the clearest it had ever been. When I started washing my face again, it went back to breakouts galore. Note: I was still wearing make up and removing it with my make up removing wipes

Not Washing My Face in the Morning

At the time I was taking a psychology class and the topic came up of “get plenty of sleep because that’s when your body resets itself.” It started a thought process of maybe it’s not that washing my face is the problem, but the time. Before I was washing my face in the morning and doing light skin care at night (make up remover, micellar water, moisturizer). But i thought, “Could I be undoing all of work my body does at night with a swipe of soap?”

I researched it and found sassy articles and blogs about “washing my face in the morning caused more breakouts” but no scientific evidence. So I talked to my aesthetician about it, and she agreed it could be the culprit. So I started washing my face and doing my skincare routine only at night with minimal routine in the morning (moisturizer and if needed a tea tree oils warm compress).

After 1 week, my skin started healing.

After 2 weeks, I was less oily in my t-zone and less dry on my cheeks.

After a month my skin started fully healing and having less breakouts. But less breakouts for me meant, a more average amount of break outs for the typical acne case. My face still had a fair share of breakouts (white heads, blackheads and inflamed pimples. 

Switching to Goat’s Milk Soap 

Goat’s Milk soap from Basin Basin.com

While I was trying to stay as vegan as possible with my skin care and make up routine, this was the only soap that really calmed my skin. I had gone to my mom’s soap lady (yes she had one and she stopped making soap so I have to find a new soap person. Any suggestions comment below) wanting oatmeal and honey soap, as was recommended by my friend who had recently become an aesthetician. The soap maker suggested I also try the goats milk soap because it was really popular with her clients with inflamed acne like mine. She wasn’t sure why, but I left with both types of soap.

The goats milks soap worked wonders! The inflammation is now under control. It surprised me because dairy causes inflammation, but after visiting my newest and current aesthetician, she explained it’s the probiotics in goats milk that does the trick. 

Adding Rose Hip Oil

Rosehip oil was the last thing. This helped partially with my acne scars and with healing my skin. I applied a small amount to my face every night under my night moisturizer. This has given my skin an overall softer feel. It’s also helped with my wrinkles and fine lines. This is a miracle elixir and I swear by this!

I have since added to my skincare routine as I researched and learned more about my skin but this was the start. This was the key to getting my skin balanced and healed.


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