Dapper Day Fall 2018 Adventure

It’s my favourite time of year! Well…. one of them. Thousands of people gather round and celebrate fashion and refined style throughout the decades.

If you haven’t been to Dapper Day and you love fashion and dressing up you should 100% check it out! If you don’t like dressing up, you should still check it out but you may feel slightly underdressed.

We get very into this holiday, and we have a grand time. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to dress vintage. You 100% DO NOT! This holiday is about refined fashion through all time periods. While many people do choose to go the vintage route, I would personally say going a timeless route tends to be more the “norm”.

If you’re needing some guidelines on how to dress, here’s my advice:

Dress how you feel your best! Today is the day to let out that drop dead gorgeous outfit that’s been buried in your closet that you’re saving for be special occasion that never comes around. TODAY IS THE DAY! Let it out. Let the world rejoice and see you strut down Main Street USA looking like you rule the world!

Ladies: where panty hose because chub rub is real

I recommend nice memory foam insole ballet flats. If you are however, set on wearing heel invest in a pair of character shoes. The heel isn’t to high, they look nice and go with just about any dress.

Favourite Photo Spots:

Magic Kingdom:

Side saddle on the carousel, with all the Balloons (just ask the Cast Members will assist you) Cinderella’s Fountain and Wishing well, Laughing on the Tea Cups and the Main Street Trolley.



Bridge to France, France, and the Geo Dome.

Not pictured spots: Italy, American Adventure, and Germany. 


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