Making your Panty Hose Last Longer

I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly annoying when my panty hose get a run in them after only 1 wear. When I was dancing I remember hairspraying my tights to make them last longer. Sadly, that hasn’t always worked with my panty hose. While I occasionally wear dance tights in the winter time (occasionally because I live in Florida and it rarely gets cold enough to need them) more often than not, I wear panty hose. I think they make any outfit look more polished and complete. 

As many of us have experienced, panty hose being thinner than tights, rip or snag very easily. And while hairspray works sometimes, here are my hacks to extend the life of my panty hose:

Go Up a Size

Having them a little looser means more room to stretch. For me I find mine rip easiest right when I sit down, as that’s when I change positions. Bonus points: the fibers are less likely to over stretch; over stretching typically leaves fibers weak and more prone to breaking. 

File your Toe Nails

My toe nails always seem to be a culprit, no matter what. That is unless, I file my toe nails and make them smooth so nothing can snag or accidentally tear the hose.  

Freeze em

Yes, you read that right. Run them under cold water so they are damp then freeze them overnight. I honestly couldn’t tell you what this does, but my grandma told me this trick when I was in high school.  It does work

Try to Find Panty Hose With Toe Covers

Again it goes back to the toe nails are sometimes the culprit. Some panty hose are made so the toe or even the whole foot is a bit thicker. Another trick if you can’t find those (they can be hard to come by) is order pointe shoe toe pads. No need to get too crazy with this, but if you already suffer from toe pain after a long day in heels, the extra padded silicone ones may not be a bad idea. Slide the pads on first, the the panty hose on top. 


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